Surley it doesn't just happen to Auki?
WISE MARKETING or The story of why it pays to keep your emails.

I am a great believer in keeping correspondence, whether it's because I was taught to do so by a careful senior public servant of a father (who is also a wise man in general) or because I have learnt from the experience of being burnt a few times in the past. Nonetheless I still find myself shaking my head when situations arise where I need to go back through the archives to remind people what was said and what was agreed upon.

 As a blogger I occasionally get approached by marketing companies who request publishing of an article (they offer to write) on one of my sites. They usually will offer a small sum of money for this which I am completely open to, gotta pay those domain registration bills somehow! I clearly state rules to them, one of the golden ones being "nofollow" attributes being applied to any links external to my site. Any self respecting blogger interested in maintaining their site's SEO would ask this. Needless to say most internet marketers lose interest at this point. The whole point of them publishing their articles on a site tends to revolve around the 'link juice' they can leverage from their article to their clients links.

However, one marketing company that seemed completely happy with my approach was Wise Marketing, a division of We Love Media based in Twickenham UK. On agreement of the terms via email, including the inclusion of "nofollow" attributes on external links, the article was published, checked and seeing as they were happy payment via paypal was received.  Well thank YOU for your business!

I must say I was impressed by the experience from start to finish, the friendly exec 'Lara' who initiated the process and liaised with me to the end was what I would expect from any professional organisation; courteous, helpful, prompt, communicative. Glowing experience all round from Wise Marketing, they ticked all my boxes to the point where if asked I would have recommended the experience to others, that is until this morning.

 So what was it that detracted from this little enterprise? It is now just a few days shy of two months since I sent a thank you to Lara for the pleasurable experience of working with her, this morning I woke up to an email from 'Sam' insinuating that I had altered the article against the agreed terms and that if I didn't modify it to suit I should process a refund.

BAM, I haven't had my morning coffee yet but I am pretty sure what 'Sam' is saying is not correct, check out the letter, I have removed some parts of it out of privacy and respect for people and their clients. 

On Wed, Apr 9, 2014 at 4:48 PM, Sam [surname removed] wrote: 

Hello Auki, We have an advert with you on [URL removed]. The advert html appears to have been altered shortly after the payment. It needs to remain the same throughout the contract to keep our tracking accurate.

The advert HTML on the page is:
<a href="[URL removed]" rel="nofollow">[keyword removed]</a>

The correct HTML is:
<a href="[URL removed]">[keyword removed]</a>

Please reinstate correct HTML of the advert or process a prorated refund.

 Regards, Sam

Still no coffee, but I am not feeling the love from Sam today so lets just open up my file on the subject and check I haven't indeed done something wrong. See I am conscientious like that, the old "if you've done something wrong just cop it on the chin and fix it" will take you a long way in life.

Nope, sure enough plain as day is the pre-requisite agreement that all external links in the article will have the "nofollow" attribute applied.

Now had Sam sent the email after my morning cup of Joe I might have chucked a couple of smiley's in my reply to emote some happiness and to represent my patience on the matter, unfortunately pre-caffeine Auki is a different kind of animal. Again I have removed some parts of it out of privacy and respect for people and their clients.

---------- Forwarded message ---------- 
From: Auki Henry <[email removed]> 
Date: Thu, Apr 10, 2014 at 8:22 AM 
Subject: Re: Advertisement on 
To: Sam [surname removed] 

Dear Sam, 

Thank you for your somewhat abrupt and misinformed email. 
Your assumption that "The advert html appears to have been altered shortly after the payment" is incorrect. 

Please see the below email trail on what was agreed for your article to be published on my website, in particular take note of my advice that to have your articles published, external links "will all have a rel="nofollow" attributes applied which may not suit some marketers interested only in link juice for SEO." 

I habitually keep records specifically to ensure fair play in situations where external parties request an agreement of me.

The CORRECT HTML that was AGREED to between your representative and myself was put up initially and remains exactly as it was originally today and therefore meets your stated requirement "It needs to remain the same throughout the contract to keep our tracking accurate."

If you or Wise Marketing disagrees and would like to take this further please let me know. 

Sincerely Auki Henry 

 ---------- Forwarded message ---------- 
From: Lara [surname removed] 
Date: Fri, Jan 31, 2014 at 1:04 AM 
Subject: Re: Editorial content for 
To: Primary Contact <[email removed]> 

Hello Auki, 

Thanks for your email. Adding a "nofollow" attribute to the links on our article is fine. I have requested for the content to be written up and send it to you once it is completed. I also have informed the writer about the topics and guidelines you have mentioned.

We also do our payments using Paypal. Payment takes not more than 2 days from the article's published date.

Please feel free to let me know if you have other questions. 


Email: lara.[surname removed] 

---------- Forwarded message ---------- 
From: Primary Contact <[email removed]> 
Date: Tue, Jan 28, 2014 at 7:11 AM 
Subject: Re: Editorial content for 
To: Lara [surname removed] 

Hi Lara, 

Generally I comment mostly on video and photography as that is what I do, however my site is varied so I will often stray from these topics ... online gaming, movies, fitness. From the perspective of acceptable articles; My site is aimed at English speakers, articles would have to be in English of course. I would not publish anything politically controversial or products that I would not personally endorse, for example pharma or cures supported only by pseudoscience. I also would like to make sure content is unique. 

While I have no problem providing html links to external websites in acceptable articles they will all have a rel="nofollow" attributes applied which may not suit some marketers interested only in link juice for SEO.

Please let me know if this still interests you. Yes please to seeing the offer of any article first to review, also may I have some details surrounding how you arrange delivery of the article and payment upon publishing.

thank you for your time again Lara.


Now logically, given the provided email trail I would be expecting that I have supplied enough of an explanation to clear up the misinformation, but like my experience in the importance of retaining emails has shown you can never take 'logically' for granted.

Stay tuned for the next episode ... if there is one.  Auki - 10/04/2014

UPDATE*  I have now received a reply in the way of an apology from Sam a few hours after this article was posted. Thank you Sam for both the reply and acknowledgement.  Wise Marketing remains in good standing with an acknowledgement of what hopefully was an honest mistake. Auki - 10/04/2014

Date: Thu, Apr 10, 2014 at 1:03 PM
Subject: Re: Advertisement on
To: Auki Henry <[email removed]>

Hi Auki, 

Thank you very much for the information. Apologies for the confusion. 


2014 Artwork for the Fravashi poster - Auki Henry
I was overjoyed when I got the call to be a part of this production and said yes without a moments hesitation. The concept of the script and my cameo appearance opportunity appealed to me obviously, but the biggest drawcard was that a great bunch of local actors, film maker's and volunteers were collaborating on something simply for the love of seeing the end creation.

Fravashi is the latest project from Darwin indie film maker Salvatore (Terry) Finocchiaro. The short film has one foot gently perched on the edge of fantasy and the other portraying the real life demons we encounter.  It is a surreal piece of cinema revolving around the experiences of a young boy, Jack (Giacomo Pandini) and his guardian spirit, the Angel (Sarina Bevan) who is transported into the material world which she does not fully understand to protect and guide him.

Fravashi was filmed and produced totally in Darwin by Sienna Productions and Lentini Productions, both of whom have helped us out in the past with filming and photography for HighRPM.  Principal photography was organised mostly on Sunday's to cater for the real life responsibilities of the cast and volunteer crew so the project took many months to complete.  Shooting on location at East Point reserve continued well into the tropical pre-monsoon build up, which as any local will tell you is one of the most challenging times of the year to cope with outdoors due to the relentless humidity.

I have to say that the experience working with the entire crew on this production was delightful!  Light hearted, fun, humorous (which is what exactly what is needed on a volunteer project) and of course involving a plethora of golden blooper moments to enjoy on the Blu-ray extras menu. In fact it has left me wanting to volunteer *hint hint* for Terry's next project which I hear he is already in the early stages of planning for. Darwin indie film making for the win!

Fravashi Soundtrack
Alex Khaskin 'One Day of My Life'
Jonathan Geer 'Wandering'
Alex Khaskin 'Syriana'

A quick look at the hole camera and its wide-reaching effects on the poker world

A single camera can change the world. That statement may be a bit hyperbolic, but there is no doubt that a tiny little camera introduced the entire world to one of the most popular spectator sports today: poker. 

Poker has had a long and storied history. It is generally considered to have been invented sometime during the 1900s, while some experts trace its beginnings back to as far as the 18th century. 

The game flourished as both a pastime and a particularly vicarious source of money for centuries, but major live tournaments remained largely insular attractions. It wasn’t until a poker player and entrepreneur by the name of Henry Orenstein invented the hole camera that poker stepped onto the world stage. 

A hole camera – sometimes called a lipstick or pocket camera – is a small camera used to display a poker player’s face down cards to viewers. It can either be located on the rail, showing the cards when a player slides them up to look at them, or located underneath a poker table. 

Poker players would never willingly reveal their hole cards before the final bet has been made, of course, so Orenstein faced some stiff opposition when he first unveiled his invention. He persevered, however, in order to bring poker to a much wider audience. 

"Poker is an exciting game, but without the hole cards, you can't see what's going on,” Orenstein told the Las Vegas Sun in a 2005 interview. “It becomes boring, and not many people were watching it." 

The hole camera’s use only became widespread after The Travel Channel used it in its coverage of the World Poker Tour, turning the tournament into a ratings leader even before partypoker took over as its main backer. ESPN also quickly followed suit for its World Series of Poker shows. 

With the hole camera, audiences finally gained a greater insight into what is going on at the poker tables. This led to increased interest in players’ reactions and decisions. It, along with Chris Moneymaker’s Cinderella-like win at the 2003 WSOP, was instrumental in kicking off the poker boom. 

Nowadays, major tournaments are starting to experiment with a new system: playing cards equipped with RFID tags. These electronic tags are read by RFID readers located in different parts of the table. The info embedded in the cards can then be used to display players’ hole cards. 

Playing card manufacturer Cartamundi started the RFID ball rolling when they introduced their RFID playing cards at the International Gaming Expo in London in 2010. The cards made their debut in last year’s WSOP. 

Although these new developments may soon make hole cameras a thing of the past, there will always be a special place in the poker world for the little camera that forever changed the face of poker.
There's nothing like throwing yourself into the mix to keep busy and we are at it early, kicking off 2014 with the new year's first project, and it's a music video of sorts. This video is actually a camera test I did with Skarlett front-man Sam Weaver in his lounge room prior to the band heading south to Sydney to record at Oxygen Music with ARIA nominated producer Gregory Stace.

"Slacker" © 2014 | A.Barker, L.Barker, J.Weaver, S.Weaver

Slacker! to be included on Skarlett's new album in 2014 
The camera tests only took about 40 minutes to complete and only 4 plays of the track which resulted in enough footage from two canon DSLR's to throw together this compilation.  Definitely got to love the casual stress free shoots when they pop up, reminds me why I love to do this stuff.  I also really liked the sound of this track when the boys pitched it to me as a sneak preview of what's being recorded at Oxygen Music.

This time round the lads have developed a new sound and style from various influences which they are excited about releasing in their brand new album for 2014, the young Aussie pop punk band from Darwin originally caught the attention of Warner Music Australia's David Caplice in 2013 with their debut music video hit "Doesn't Matter Anyway".

Slacker and the other tracks on their new album are an evolution of that original sound and a natural embracing of the boys outstanding musical prowess. When the band returns from Sydney planning will begin on an official music video to accompany the album, that track is yet to be disclosed so check back soon!

A peaceful Saturday quadcopter  flight over Darwin, Northern Territory
DJI Phantom & GoPro HD Hero 3 | Auki Henry
It has been 7 months now since I first received the package containing my 'ready to fly' quadcopter.  DJI's fantastic little consumer product named the 'Phantom'.

As a motorsports video producer I am constantly on the lookout for new angles to bring the action to the screen, it takes a lot of effort to keep the feel of videos up to date and hip for a media hungry audience with a plethora of great videos to choose from, all vying for that standout performance that makes people click that share button.

Enter the Phantom and its aerial perspectives, something that was once the domain of those that could afford large commercial booms, expensive cable setups or helicopter hire has now been brought into the realm of small production and indie film makers. As a cameraman with no previous radio controlled experience this product is the perfect fit for my niche; a reliable machine that almost flys itself and lets me attain the footage I want with minimum fuss fills my brief exactly.  The bonus being that it is relatively inexpensive, even with the addition of the must-have gimbal assembly to enable smooth cinematic camera shots.

So easy was it to take good aerial footage that I didn't really give any serious thought to using it as a photography platform, that was until I had a problem with my gimbal.  The Phantom filming without a gimbal is akin to shooting a video while running, without a steadycam, the results obviously aren't the best.

Luckily I tend to find a silver lining to most situations (and be damned if I am going to let any of my camera gear sit around gathering dust for too long!).  Off came the faulty gimbal with electronics, and whilst I organised warranty back on went the old trusty GoPro mounts. The FPV kit and remote LCD display let me compose a shot similar to the displays of most consumer point and shoots without having to be anywhere near the Phantom, in fact for this Aerial shot of Darwin City I could not even see the small Phantom from the ground and had to rely totally on the picture displayed on the LCD to get my bearings whilst guiding it into position.

Aerial photography has now given me a new way to spend my weekends, and has already got me thinking about the next aerial platform to upgrade to in 2014.  It seems to be the never ending expense cycle of any enthusiastic photographer unfortunately, but boy is it fun!

Cruise ship "Celebrity Millennium" Docked in Darwin November 2013 © Auki Henry

Standard size (shown below) is 1000mm on the longest side.  
Price for local pickup from Eprint in Darwin is $160
If you have any enquiry's please feel free to ask via the contact form 

Darwin City by Night.  The 2013 Panorama
© Auki Henry

Size (in mm)

The "Darwin City by Night" panorama I took recently has generated a lot of interest from locals, as well as people who have visited or used to live here since I posted it up.

So much so in fact that it is probably easier for me to list the standard pricing details here for anyone who wants to order a print for themselves (or as timing would have it, a Christmas gift)

The panorama is stitched together from 5 separate exposures and printed on a durable Tricomposite panel by Eprint in Darwin.

Other Size Pricing
  1. 1000mm x 500mm - $160.00 (standard as shown in photo )
  2. 1250mm x 580mm - $200.00
  3. 1500mm x 695mm  - $295.00
Get in quick before they get busy for the Christmas rush.
Darwin City by Night low-res sample

Amber Walker © Auki Henry Photography
Meet Amber Walker.  Actually, for a lot of people Amber doesn't even need an introduction. She is an international fitness model and athlete, TV presenter and Australia media personality and of course a personal friend of mine.

Besides her media reach Amber is also a health/fitness writer, an ambassador for healthy living and a personal trainer, helping many people reach their own individuals goals, both personal and competitive.

I have worked with Amber on a few projects over the years, mainly with health related videos and TV demo projects but this year I managed to slip in some time doing stills, which was a welcome relief from video editing for me and a chance to meet some of Amber's Angels, her team of determined individuals she trained up to compete in the INBA NT Titles, Darwin, Australia.

The whole team gathered at Crossfit Territory for a pre-competition workout and last minute posing tip session and I managed to get them a few pro photos for memories of how their hard work paid off.