WTF Advertising - And the winner for today is Telstra

Here's this week's zinger in confusing moments, brought to you by Telstra, the number 4 and the letters WTF.

With the NBN currently rolling out to suburbs across Darwin the advertising material for connections has been flowing in thick and fast, letter boxes are jammed with offers from ISP's clamouring to connect you to their flavour of service.

My parents happen to live in one of those suburbs, moving in to their house in 1979 they have lived at the same address for 35 years and have had the same phone number for the entire time.  Now when you live in one place for this long you tend to reach that peace with the postal system where you no longer receive mail for previous residents. So it was perhaps somewhat surprising for them to receive FOUR letters for separate individuals all addressed to their residence proclaiming that 'THE NBN IS HERE'.

The NBN might be here but Renae Yovve, Reliey Tony, Barbara Hope and 'Mrs Troy Thompson' (really? this must be an old record) certainly aren't, and presumably haven't been for some time.

All this of course left my father wondering tongue-in-cheekily whether he has been paying four times as much for his phone bill as he should have.  So what happened here?  Your guess is as good as mine, but I'd be checking under the stairs for extra guests Dad.


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