Biography - Auki Henry

Auki Henry
Image © William Nguyen-Phuoc
Born as Lionel Renagi William Henry on the 21st April 1974 in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, to a Papuan mother and a father of mixed English/Scottish ancestry.

Auki spent the next two years growing up amongst the natives of New Guinea and travelling with family to what are still some of the most remote and sparsely inhabited wilds of the country's inner region.

Eventually moving to Darwin, capital of Australia's Northern Territory, Auki spent his formative years concentrating on education and competitive swimming, eventually representing state and country in the latter.

After graduating high school and studying Information Technology Auki followed a career in the IT industry as well as enlisting to serve his country part time with the Australian Army, marching out from recruit training at Kapooka and serving 8 years in the specialised infantry recon unit NORFORCE.

Auki has also built secondary careers in media disciplines such as design, animation, videography, editing and photography. Exposure to industries associated with these skills and the drive to try more challenging avenues of interest led him to doing the work he does today. His success in photography was a happy coincidence as it developed as a natural offshoot from documentary and feature experimentation with DSLR videography.

Auki currently both presents and produces for north Australian motor sports media outlet HighRPM, has filmed for TV series like SBS Speedweek and annually produced music video material for ABC Rage.